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Internet outage lasts 9 hours
For much of the day Wednesday, many businesses, homes and some government offices served by CenturyLink in Central Missouri were[...]
Restaurant says business is being lost to Internet, phone outage at AT&T
A Milwaukee restaurant that's been serving steaks on the city's west side since 1948 says problems with its phone and[...]
A lesson from network outages: Redundancy matters
Don't rely on a single provider, because that becomes a single point of failure. Distribute dependencies across ISPs, DNS providers,[...]
Virgin Media internet blackouts hit the UK!
Customers are told they could be without broadband until January 2017 Some Virgin Media customers are in for a frustrating[...]
People are Reporting AT&T Internet Outages
People are Reporting AT&T Internet Outages Around Humboldt County. LoCO Editor Hank Sims reports that Broadway Cinema is not accepting[...]
Sudden Internet Outage Affects Business (Video)
"And no internet means a major problem for John's business — one that ships car parts from online orders." It[...]
Internet Outage had Significantly Affected Business
"Everything we do is over the internet so to have no internet, no phones and no faxes for four days[...]
Each Minute of POS Downtime Costs Retailer $4,700
"The monetary stakes for a retail location experiencing an outage are sky high" Research conducted by The Standish Group has[...]
Car Dealership Business Relies on the Internet
"All day long we have Internet Explorer open and we are using it. Open to close. And that's just in[...]
Internet Outage Prevents People from Medication
"My sister could not see the doctor and I couldn't get my medication because they told us their computers were[...]
Business Staff Relies on Internet for Work
"People can't contact us, can't send us documents, we can't send anything out. Our staff relies on Internet for work."[...]
Internet Outages Cause Headaches for Businesses
"When the Internet is down, we can't validate account numbers, so we're kind of operating on blind faith." The Internet[...]
Nowra Businesses Affected by Telstra Internet Outage
"Everything we do is over the internet so to have no internet, no phones and no faxes for four days[...]