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Millennial sensibilities shape hotel food and beverage programs

“It’s important to create a straightforward, yet on-trend dining environment, beautifully prepared dishes, and over-the-top beverages that can be shared on social media channels,” Hauver told Smartbrief, adding that millennials are also looking for strong, free Wi-Fi to share it all. It is no secret within the hotel industry that millennial travelers represent a crucial […]

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Internet outage lasts 9 hours

For much of the day Wednesday, many businesses, homes and some government offices served by CenturyLink in Central Missouri were without internet connection. Company officials said around 10:30 a.m., a fiber line between St. Louis and Rolla was cut by a third-party contractor doing work for CenturyLink. Service wasn’t fully restored until around 7:30 p.m. […]

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Restaurant says business is being lost to Internet, phone outage at AT&T

A Milwaukee restaurant that’s been serving steaks on the city’s west side since 1948 says problems with its phone and Internet service have resulted in thousands of dollars in lost sales and missed reservations. Five O’Clock Steakhouse, 2416 W. State St., says it hasn’t had reliable Internet service for nearly six weeks, which means customers […]

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A lesson from network outages: Redundancy matters

Don’t rely on a single provider, because that becomes a single point of failure. Distribute dependencies across ISPs, DNS providers, and hosting companies. Online outages are serious. Vendors lose money for every minute their users can’t reach their web services, and business productivity tanks when employees can’t access the web applications they rely on to get […]

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Virgin Media internet blackouts hit the UK!

Customers are told they could be without broadband until January 2017 Some Virgin Media customers are in for a frustrating Christmas, as internet blackouts across the UK are expected to continue until into the new year. In the past few days, users in some areas of the UK have been complaining of regular internet outages […]

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