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It’s hard to anticipate the dilemmas that can come with an internet outage; especially if your business has yet to experience one. Sadly, more and more businesses—particularly those in the hospitality industry—have been learning the hard truth about this unfortunate event.

The truth is: Internet outages affect more than the “complimentary wifi” often offered to customers. That’s because, despite popular opinion, internet is more than just a luxury.

For many businesses, an internet connection is needed for proper (business or VOIP) phone connection, credit card transactions, employee management software, video conferences and email.

So when your internet faces connectivity issues, even for a moment, it could mean a major loss for you and your company.

Recently, a Milwaukee restaurant owner discovered first-hand just how detrimental internet outage(s) can be. An unanticipated phone and internet service issue affected his area for six weeks, resulting in thousands of dollars in losses. Not only did it lead to missed reservations, it also impacted the ability to process credit card transactions.

The thing about internet outages is that you never know when one will strike. Often times, they are the result of an issue that your service provider is facing. (The Milwaukee case cited AT&T as the culprit.) Weather, congestion and other uncontrollable factors can also lead to outages.

This is why it is important to remain proactive!

EndOutages developed a technology which has proven to be one of the best solutions for combating internet outages; and a major lifesaver for those who believe the old adage that suggests, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Since 2002, the company has used WAN Aggregators to supply high speed internet to hospitality venues. They have since expanded to manage these services for internet-dependent businesses.

WAN Aggregators are fairly simple to understand. Most businesses conduct their operations on a single internet connection and only utilize a single internet service provider (ISP). When that connection fails, all of the active “sessions” abruptly end: file downloads, video conferences, etc. WAN Aggregators pool your connection from multiple internet circuits, and often leverage an alternate ISP circuit from a different service provider. In the event of an outage, it will automatically transfer your sessions over to an alternate connection source. This is how EndOutages is able to guarantee no dropped VoIP Calls/Video Conferencing.

This process is known as: failover. Failover routers (and similar technologies) function almost as a backup electrical generator would; ensuring that your internet connection will switch instantly in the event of an outage.

This ability to reconnect automatically is one of its strongest selling points—and great news for anyone who has ever spent hours, or even days, waiting for their internet issues to be corrected.

The package is even simpler to use! Overall, the EndOutages solution will greatly benefit you, your employees and your customers as well. There is nothing greater than knowing that you are dealing with fast and reliable internet, no matter what.

In short, if your business requires internet to function, then you cannot afford to spend a second without it. This simple technology is an easy answer to internet outages; and an approach that you can take prior to facing this daunting issue!

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