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As with every other highly patronized industry, the restaurant business has had to learn to shift with the times. For many owners, this is has provided a huge dilemma: convert to a wifi-wielding modern eatery, or hold fast to the classic model; catering to guests’ taste buds, not their tablets.

Those who have made the switch to offering their patrons high speed internet have noticed a significant increase in business. In many cases their demographic has completely shifted to a younger crowd. This comes as no surprise when you take a look at the statistics from an internet poll conducted by the food industry firm, Technomic: “Sixty-five percent of individuals polled said they ‘absolutely expect’ quick-service restaurants to provide complimentary Wi-Fi.” It’s the second highest determining factor when it comes to choosing an eatery.?

Diners more 'loyal' to restaurants with free WiFi

“Nearly two thirds of customers would be more likely to re-visit a bar or restaurant if they were able to access the WiFi, a new study has found.”

Coffee shops and eateries seeking to ban or limit laptop use have become somewhat of an anomaly; with owners having to outright express that they do not offer WiFi. On the other hand, most have embraced the change.

Restaurants Add Free WiFi to the Menu

There is one issue that seems to have affected some establishments—namely those which operate over a single ISP. In these cases, wifi has caused interruptions or instances of slowed connectivity when it comes to credit card transactions and general internet use. For businesses who want to offer public wifi, WAN aggregation is highly recommended. The system allows for safer connection across the board, as well as automatic protection against internet outages.

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