What the National Restaurant Association wants you to know!

  • a couple of years ago
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Are you worried about your restaurant’s data being compromised? Well, you should be! If your restaurant lacks a dedicated IT department—which most small, independent enterprises do—then your network’s capacity (speed) and integrity (security) could be at risk!

The truth is: Every device with Internet access – mobile communications, security, surveillance, credit processing, etc.—represents yet another imposing challenge for both speed and security.

That’s why the National Restaurant Association has recommended network segmentation as a “best practice.” This strategy helps to improve both the performance and security of your restaurant's data network; and it is being adopted by restaurants across the nation!

Network segmentation – defined as the process of dividing Internet service into dedicated subnetworks, for the purpose of increasing performance and improving security.

Separating various subnetworks helps to manage “casual” traffic, keeping your network secure as guests start logging on. This process not only enhances performance, it also protects your company's data!

And the great news is: This is only ONE of the advantages...

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