Case Study: Car Dealership

A Chrysler dealership was presented with the challenge of meeting new corporate franchise bandwidth and network upgrade mandates: A new AT&T fiber internet connection was required to replace their existing T-1 service, in order to achieve the elevated functionality requirements of mission-critical Star Parts and WiTech applications, among others.

End Outages expertise was solicited to provide a solution that would allow them to load balance and provide failover services with the fiber circuit and an existing coax cable connection, as well as maintain the MPLS network established to provide site-to-site communication and Internet services with their adjacent vehicle lot.

In addition to designing the faster, more reliable connection for those mission-critical applications and assuring functionality with other network components and applications, the secondary challenge of interfacing and working with their contracted dealer management system provider was critical to a successful solution: As this provider supplied and managed the network infrastructure, End Outages worked closely with them to construct a new, approved network design that would meet all of the franchise-mandated goals and yet remain functionally compliant with the policies of the provider.

The IRG-1000 was selected to handle all Internet-bound traffic, and provide the required load balancing and failover functionality. With so many mission-critical applications requiring priority on the network, quality-of-service was implemented to ensure that those prioritized applications would always receive the highest level of service available regardless of how much bandwidth was being used by other non-critical applications. Working with the local IT and dealer management providers to implement the required network configuration and infrastructure changes, End Outages crafted a network that was easier to manage and support, while providing additional bandwidth and failover resiliency.
EndOutages MWS Case Study-Dealership


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