Case Study: Insurance Agency

End Outages was approached with the challenge of providing a more robust, reliable Internet connection for a Michigan-based insurance agency”s offices, as their existing T-1 service could no longer meet their bandwidth requirements. A seamless, secure transition away from the T-1 connection was sought with implementation to coincide with the existing service contract expiration.

In the interim – in concert with an IRG-1000 – a coax cable provider was selected to provide supplemental bandwidth for the main location: Branch offices would maintain their existing T-1 connection to the main office. The increased bandwidth enabled the insurance agency to conduct business more efficiently, with the additional benefit of automatic failover redundancy if the cable service experienced any interruption.

At the T-1 contact expiration, End Outages preprogrammed additional IRG-1000 devices for the branch offices, where coax cable circuits were simultaneously installed. When the T-1 provider experienced a service outage several days prior to the scheduled transition, Wi-Fi Guys was able to assist branch staff to immediately connect the IRG-1000’s to the new coax cable circuits that same day: By utilizing the End Outages preprogrammed routers, the insurance agency’s remote offices were brought back online with the new service in under an hour. Data transferred between the offices is secured through the use of an IPSec tunnel, while each branch office network is further secured internally by each IRG’s built-in firewall.

EndOutages MWS Case Study-Insurance Agency


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