Case Study: Multiple Location Restaurant Chain

End Outages was approached with the challenge of providing an expanding restaurant chain with Internet services that precluded interruptions and downtime. The client desired an arrangement that could support quality of service to multiple networks, and yet apply different policies to each. The desired structure would need to include separate and distinct networks for each of these functions: VoIP services, staff wireless, visitor wireless, and credit card processing. The client also wished to leverage the power of the cloud to help streamline their business, which relies upon a stable Internet connection.

Coax cable circuits and T-1 services were positioned in concert with an IRG 1000. End Outages also assisted the restaurants to meet their wireless network requirements by providing both hardware and installation services. End Outages-specified hardware selections enabled the client to operate multiple networks over common equipment, reducing overall installation and operating expenditures.

Using their experience and knowledge of networks, End Outages was able to help design and implement a system that met all of the goals of the client: Individual location isolation provides greater security for their aggregate network, staff is able to access a system-wide, secured wireless network, credit card transactions have redundant internet processing pathways, and customers are afforded complimentary wireless internet access. All independent location networks are consolidated via the IRG to provide the requisite corporate-level network control.

Performance was so impressive that the client has contracted End Outages to deploy similar solutions as new locations are added: To date, service at ten has been established, with additional installations anticipated for 2017.



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