SAAS Communication Software Provider

Case Study: Saas Communication Portal Provider

End Outages was approached by Convey Services to help resolve an issue they were experiencing with the fiber connection from their cable company.

“We were having so many issues with just our cable circuit,” Carolyn Bradfield – CEO for Convey Services shared. “End Outages suggested adding an AT&T Uverse circuit with their managed IRG for load balancing and failover, and now our internet service is much better than ever before. They also recommended deploying a particular access point to enhance and improve office Wi-Fi Service, instead of our intended (more expensive) LinkSys device. If anyone is experiencing what we did, this is a perfect, low-cost solution to make sure that access to the Internet is never interrupted.”

Based on Convey’s needs, End Outages selected the IRG-1000v2 to supply both load balancing and failover for the entire network. The IRG actively monitors both Internet circuits to ensure that if and when a problem does occur, traffic is seamlessly routed to the backup circuit without requiring any network alterations. Traffic is also load balanced across both Internet circuits, providing Convey access to even greater bandwidth than that of their previous configuration not only increasing productivity, but assuring uninterrupted operations in the event of a provider failure, as well.

In addition, Convey was experiencing inconsistent user experiences with Wi-Fi and Ethernet across their network, despite having installed a new wireless router. Through remote troubleshooting, End Outages determined the best course of action to resolve this problem – reducing costs, saving time, increasing productivity, and avoiding the acquisition and deployment of equipment that would not have resolved the problem.



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