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Want Millennial Customers? Get Connected.

4 Restaurant Technologies Millennials Want in Your RestaurantFor those who are committed to tapping into this generation of consumers, it’s essential to identify opportunities where millennial-friendly technology will fit snugly into your dining experience. Technology should contribute to a better overall experience within your restaurant and shouldn’t lead to any disruptions in service. It’s also […]

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Why Your Customers Love Mobile Payments

What Is Mobile Payment? (And Why Your Restaurant Should Care)If you’re thinking that mobile payments – or paying by phone – is just a fad for millennials trying to keep a phone in their hand longer, think again.39% of smartphone users admitted that, if the option were available, they would pay with their phone in […]

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WiFi for Retail? It’s Not As Scary As You Think

How Retailers Can Win by Offering Free Wi-FiFor businesses in the hospitality sector, offering free Wi-Fi is a no brainer. However, in the retail sector, the fear of ‘showrooming’ (the practice of visiting a store or stores in order to examine a product, while carrying out price comparisons on their mobile before buying it online at […]

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A World of Possibilities: Unique Ways Restaurants Are “Connecting”

How Restaurant Kiosks Are Empowering Guests for the First TimeAccording to the National Restaurant Association, 37% of restaurant operators consider the customer ordering process to be the most important area of development in the next 5 years. Also, 42% of diners would use self-service ordering kiosks if available. How? Kiosks can help shorten lines at the […]

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Millennials and Beyond: Evidence That Wi-Fi Can Make or Break Your Restaurant

Public WiFi for Restaurants: Is it Necessary?As with any technology you implement in your restaurant, make sure you’re aware of the goals you need to accomplish. With wifi, speed and accessibility for customers are paramount. Without those two things running smoothly, the use of wifi at your establishment will become more of a hassle than […]

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