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Easy Network Management
The End Outages InnSite Network Management platform enables easy, powerful configuration for support of your network: ISP connections, subscribers, IP addresses, and more are all easily managed. Multiple reports help to identify problem areas and monitor general network health. In addition, the IRG unit offers Quality of Service (QoS) control, to prioritize different classes of traffic on your network.

Safe and Secure Internet Network
The End Outages IRG incorporates firewall security to protect networks from unwanted traffic. We are able to monitor for incoming connections trying to access vulnerabilities in your network, and act to deny access to and from those predators. Additionally, each IRG port may be individually isolated, providing the power to run multiple, independent networks through the same device. Isolating administrative networks from those with public access ensures safe, secure, confidential workflow, all on a single IRG device. For public access hotspots, the IRG can also maintain time-stamped network connection identity logs, to assure compliance with - and identify violations of - federal regulations.

Fast, Always-Up Internet 
The End Outages Internet Redundancy Gateway (IRG) device consolidates bandwidth from multiple Internet Service Provider (ISP) sources, pooling the total amount of available bandwidth, and assuring that should any source experience an interruption traffic is automatically and instantaneously rerouted across the remaining aggregated Internet connections.

Easy To Use Wi-Fi Access 
End Outages IRG packages are plug-n-play (easy to deploy), and offer easy-to-use access, with launch pages that simplify the log-in process for staff and visitors: simply agree to Terms of Service (TOS), and click to connect! In addition, we offer comprehensive network solutions that may include helping you to secure ISP circuits, bandwidth, and telephone services, as well as the ability for you to leverage your Wi-Fi network as a revenue-generating stream.

Integration With Your Cloud Provider 
Rather than purchase and maintain a large server hardware setup, End Outages managed WAN services enable you to integrate directly with a Cloud Provider (a provider of off-site backup - like leased server space from Amazon, for example). By establishing a direct-access, secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) from your site to the Cloud, your stored data is no longer exposed to predators on the general Internet.

No Dropped VoIP Calls / Video Conferencing with MPLS or Virtual WAN Back-Up
VoIP, video conferencing tools make sure they're constantly connected! MPLS creates a defined path over which your network traffic routinely flows, to speed data transfer time; virtual WAN does the same, only via the Internet. With both, our seamless failover technology ensures that, if any client's Internet provider experiences an interruption, real-time traffic is instantaneously routed through an alternate source, assuring that no interruptions occur. That transition is so smooth and so immediate as to be virtually undetectable.

Spare-in-the Air Program 
A significant subscription advantage is our "Spare-in-the-Air" equipment replacement program. In the unlikely event of hardware failure, a pre-programmed replacement unit is immediately shipped out, arriving on the next business day, meaning minimal downtime. Spare-in-the-Air service is included at no additional cost with each End Outages managed services contract. In addition, clients have the option to retain a fully configured, ready-to-deploy backup device (Plan B) on their office shelf or data center rack at a discounted rate of 50% off their scheduled monthly service fee.

No Equipment Purchase Needed 
Planning to add to or update your existing Internet infrastructure? Look no further! The End Outages Internet Redundancy Gateway (IRG) device is included with your low monthly service-and-support subscription, and requires no hardware purchases nothing up front, nothing down the road, nothing, ever!

- The ability to support multiple connection types, such as MPLS, frame relay and higher speed LTE wireless communications

- The ability to do dynamic path selection, for load sharing and resiliency purposes

- A simple interface that is easy to configure and manage

- The ability to support VPNs, and third party services such as WAN optimization controllers, firewalls and web gateways