A World of Possibilities: Unique Ways Restaurants Are “Connecting”

How Restaurant Kiosks Are Empowering Guests for the First Time

According to the National Restaurant Association, 37% of restaurant operators consider the customer ordering process to be the most important area of development in the next 5 years. Also, 42% of diners would use self-service ordering kiosks if available.

How? Kiosks can help shorten lines at the register during busy times and reduce the likelihood of getting the wrong orders. Plus, customers have the power to discover new menu items and personalize their order right at their fingertips.

"I absolutely recommend looking at kiosk technology because it offers an avenue for people to do everything on their own,” said Jon Arbitman of Protein Bar. “Customers like to have that choice. It may not be the only payment option, but it’s a great option to have for customers who want to get in and out quickly."

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Why Mobile Matters in Restaurant Payments

NRA found that 20 percent of smartphone-equipped consumers were using a mobile app regularly to pay for their restaurant purchases. And 39 percent said they would use mobile payments in a physical restaurant if available.

Across the quick-service sector, 43 percent of restaurant operators said they do offer mobile payment options; 26 percent said they would within the year. In the fast-casual segment, 31 percent said they offered the option, but 25 percent said they would in the next year.

The biggest reason cited for wanting to add mobile payments?



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What Restaurants Need To Know About Pay-At-The-Table

In an EMV world, it’s best practice for cards to never leave the customer’s possession during a transaction. In the U.S., an additional driver for bringing payment to the table is mobile payment solutions such as Apple Pay, which require either a fingerprint ID or PIN. The payment method can’t come to the POS – customers aren’t going to turn over their PIN or smartphone – so the POS has to come to the customer.

There are multiple benefits for implementing tableside payment at restaurants. Not only does bringing the point of sale to the customer help to boost table turns and revenue, it also helps to protect customer cardholder data, which is a major concern for merchants

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