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4 Restaurant Technologies Millennials Want in Your Restaurant

For those who are committed to tapping into this generation of consumers, it’s essential to identify opportunities where millennial-friendly technology will fit snugly into your dining experience. Technology should contribute to a better overall experience within your restaurant and shouldn’t lead to any disruptions in service. It’s also important to remember that millennials (as well as your other customers) want flexibility in using technology.

However, you shouldn't go overboard in giving your restaurant a millennial-friendly makeover in the pursuit of more modern resturant technologies. Focus on being practical:

  • Find technology solutions that will not only improve your guests’ experience, but will also benefit your bottom line.
  • Give them the ability to plug into and out of technology at their convenience.
  • Never let the reliance on technology detract from your customer service.
Suzanne Sacca (Toast POS)

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How millennials are reshaping the in-store experience

As millennial consumers and other mobile-connected shoppers walk into stores, free WiFi, accessed via their social networks, enables them to enjoy the interactive and custom-made shopping experience they expect. Increasingly, retailers are looking to WiFi to help them attract this audience.

By enabling customers to connect to WiFi, they have a means to deliver all sorts of enhancements to the shopping experience: access to a faster checkout via an exclusive, VIP lane; an SMS with a special gift or daily deal to be used immediately; or a personalised email with a coupon sent shortly after the store visit. Targeted and timely communications like these increase customer satisfaction and build loyalty among this discerning audience.

Gavin Wheeldon (ITProPortal)

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The retailers' guide to millennial expectations

Technological innovation may be an area of mass appeal for millennials, but if implementing such technology in store is going to gift retailers with more than simply drawing punters in through the doors, serious consideration must be placed into optimising network connectivity, enhancing data analytics and investing in intelligent infrastructure.

Reliable Wi-Fi is crucial when implementing these innovations, but there's also a demand for bandwidth from essential business applications and back-office technology. A Managed Services Provider such as Hughes can supply an automated solution that analyses network usage and reacts accordingly, granting more bandwidth to applications deemed critical by the retailer, preventing slow connection speeds of complete network outages.

Dan Thornton (Retail Technology Review)

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