Millennial sensibilities shape hotel food and beverage programs

“It’s important to create a straightforward, yet on-trend dining environment, beautifully prepared dishes, and over-the-top beverages that can be shared on social media channels,” Hauver told Smartbrief, adding that millennials are also looking for strong, free Wi-Fi to share it all.

It is no secret within the hotel industry that millennial travelers represent a crucial growth market, and this generation’s sensibilities are shaping things like hotel design and technology, but they’re heavily influencing hotel food and beverage programs as well.

To appeal to millennial travelers’ desires for a connection to the local community, which often translates into a draw towards local and specialty foods, the Arlo hotel in New York stocks guest mini-bars with locally sourced, artisan products.

“The trend is being driven by a new generation of millennial Airbnb-savvy travelers who are looking for an authentic neighborhood experience rather than a formulaic cookie-cutter luxury stay,” said Adam Farmerie of design firm AvroKo, which designed interiors for the Arlo, in a South China Morning Post article.

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