Joel Mallory IT Director

We have been using the IRG 1000 since April 2013 to failover our multi location mission critical MPLS network with broadband failover. Wi-Fi Guy's managed service has been very reliable with exceptional technical support. When we lost an MPLS node for a week at one of our locations due a carrier issue, the failover was successful and we were able to continue to operate. We highly recommend this managed service in order to provide a solution where high availability is needed

Abel Balderas IT Manager

Wi-Fi Guys has done a fantastic job of implementing their IRG failover and Wi-Fi service into all of our restaurants. Their support is also exceptional; helping us as a business on multiple occasions both remotely and on-site. Overall Wi-Fi Guys is a great company, and they provide good solutions for the restaurant industry.

Bob Williams E.W. Smith Agency, Inc.

We have been a customer of Wi-Fi Guys since 2012, when we added a WAN aggregator to load balance the bandwidth between an existing T-1 line and a newly installed cable line at our main office branch. Adam Osterlund was instrumental in understanding what we needed, configuring the equipment and walking us through the installation with minimal downtime or effort on our part. Last year we dropped our T-1's to our main office and 2 branches in place of cable lines, and we use Wi-Fi Guys to manage the WAN aggregators. Thanks to Adam, the switch was seamless and our downtime was less than 10 minutes per office. Since the beginning, Wi-Fi Guys has given us excellent and timely support for any issues or questions that have come up. From billing and support, I would recommend Wi-Fi Guys to any business.

Ray SladeSalsbury Chrysler Jeep Dodge 

We recently upgraded from a T-1 to an AT&T fiber circuit and implemented a WAN aggregator from Wi-Fi Guys to load balance and provide failover to Cox Cable. Wi-Fi Guys are easy to work with. We had issues with our LAN provider and Wi-Fi Guys engineers worked with the provider to develop a successful solution to implement their service. We now have much better speed throughout the dealership, including a remote location, and can prioritize traffic to Chrysler sites for ordering parts and cars. Wi-Fi Guys has done a great job for us and you should expect similar success with them. I highly recommend their service.

Carolyn BradfieldCEO 

We went from being frustrated almost every day with various connectivity issues, to now being able to do our work without giving internet access a second thought- which is how it should be! Your support staff is awesome to work with, and really knows what they are doing. I can't thank you enough for solving our problems.

John EckhardtMIS Director

Your service has been outstanding and reliable. Installation was easy and you were great to work with. I look forward to future projects with you. I would expect that future prospects should experience similar success with your managed service.